The Link School Sunderland Management Committee

At the Link School we have a strong, well informed Management Committee who are committed to the school, ensuring every learner receives the best possible education and achieves the best possible outcomes to prepare them for the next phase of their lives.

The Management Committee is the equivalent of a Governing Body, its members are the strategic leaders of our school.  They play an important role in providing challenge and support to the school’s Leadership Team.  The committee brings together professional expertise and community links.  This Committee has strategic and statutory responsibility for the school. Leadership in the Link School is distributed through teams with the Headteacher providing strategic leadership for both the Springwell and Pallion site. Each school has its own separate leadership team which is responsible for the effective operational running of daily school business.

The Management Committee is chaired by Mr Tony Cunningham and membership comprises of Ex – Headteachers from Secondary and Primary Schools/Academies, staff members and Local Authority representation, as well as community members including those with Post 16, business and finance experience.

The Management Committee of the Link School is committed to the principles of continuous school improvement.  The committee has three core strategic functions:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Providing robust challenge to the Headteacher in relation to all aspects of the work of the school and specifically the educational performance of learners, the behaviour and safety of learners and the performance of all staff.
  3. Overseeing the financial management of the school and making sure that money is well spent.

At the Link School the Management Committee is supported by a Resources Committee and a School Improvement Committee.  These additional committees also meet termly.

The Resources Committee works closely with the Headteacher to discuss the following elements of Governance:

  • Finance
  • Premises including Lettings, Risk Assessments and Health and Safety
  • Personnel including Employment and Staff Discipline
  • Policy Reviews (except statutory policies which will be reviewed and ratified by the Full Governing Body

The School Improvement Committee will work closely with the School Leadership Team and Curriculum Leaders to discuss the following elements of Governance.

  • School Improvement Plan
  • SEN
  • Achievement Overview
  • Curriculum

The following panels will be convened to meet as and when required:

  • Personnel Appeals
  • Headteacher Performance Management
  • Pupil Discipline
  • Complaints Panel
  • Selection Panel

From September 2019, the Management Committee for The Link School has been constituted.  The Link School Management Committee structure comprises a Full Management Committee with two sub-committees; Resources Committee and School Improvement Committee.  Membership details can be found below

Attendance information will be provided following a full year of Management Committee meetings.

Please click on the link below to read the Governor Impact Statement:

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