Key Stage 4 Exam Results

REGULATIONS – Extraordinary regulatory framework: General Qualifications, COVID-19

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The school uses a range of qualifications from Entry Level to GCSE to ensure that all learners are able to achieve well for their next steps.  Most learners arrive throughout the year and are often disengaged and display challenging behaviour. Learners quickly engage with the offer which ensures that they quickly make progress and begin to achieve well. The school is particularly successful at ensuring all learners leave with at least 1 qualification, meeting the average for all schools.  It is also successful in ensuring that learners leave with good quality English and maths qualifications with almost three quarters of learners achieving at least a Level 1 qualification.Due to changes on the GCSE grading criteria and changes to qualifications that count in progress and attainment measures, it is difficult to directly compare the three year trend in data.All learners in the cohort are entered for GCSE English and Maths. The GCSE results demonstrate that 82% of pupils achieving a GCSE English qualification and 71% of pupils achieving a GCSE Maths qualification. We have increased the number of pupils who have left the school with five or more GCSE qualifications, 18/48 learners achieved this with one leaner gaining 7 GCSE grades.  For those pupils who are struggle to gain a Grade 1, they are entered for Functional Skills in English and Maths. 9(46/48 learners) 96% of learners gained GCSE Grade 1-9.In terms of entries:English Language: 34/42 (81%) learners gained GCSE Grade’s 1-9.English Literature: 27/34 (79%) learners gained GCSE Grade’s 1-9. Maths: 34/44 (77%) learners gained GCSE Grade’s 1-9.Combined Science: 20/25 (81%) learners gained GCSE Grade’s 1-9.Statistics: 30/37 (81%) learners gained GCSE Grade’s 1-9.A number of pupils did not gained a range of NCFE Level qualifications in Employability, Substance Misuse, Sexual Health, First Aid and for the time this year 13 learners have gained Level 1 Princes Trusts awards in managing money, Healthy Life styles and Team Work skills.




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