KS3 Curriculum

   Key Stage 3

Recovery Curriculum for all

The Recovery Curriculum will be built on the 5 Levers: Relationships, Community, Transparent Curriculum, Metacognition and Space as a systematic, relationships-based approach to address individual gaps in learning and skills.

Curriculum Principles

  • Personal and academic progress over their time within the school community.
  • The majority of curriculum time is given to Core Subjects to ensure that our learners have the essential skills needed for life and access to the wider curriculum
  • Personalised, differentiated support to stretch and challenge our learners so progress is accelerated from point of entry.
  • Ensure all our learners make progress towards national expectations to narrow the gaps in learning.
  • Enrichment through a creative curriculum and outdoor education which underpins SMSC and British values to create responsible and active learners.
  • Provide smooth transitions between different phases of school life to enable continuous and progressive learning at all points.
  • Intervention programmes and community activities are offered to enhance learning, personal development, and safety
  • Careers Information Advice and Guidance is embedded across the school

Classes are typically taught in mixed age groups based on individual needs and dynamics.


Secondary Curriculum

Our curriculum is divided into three distinct categories which motivates and supports learners towards their learning and employment goals. These are academic achievement, preparing for working life and becoming active and responsible citizens.

We provide an exciting and aspirational personalised curriculum with a strong emphasis on improving literacy and numeracy skills, as well as helping young people understand their emotions, build confidence, self-esteem and improve their behaviour. Enrichment activities are delivered on an afternoon with the focus on improving health, well-being and fitness.


Academic achievement








· English – including English mastery

· Mathematics – including maths mastery

· Science

· Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), Spanish


·  Reading Plus is used to rapidly catch up for our young           people who are behind in their chronological reading age.

·  Additional support is provided to help all learners close         the gaps through subject specific intervention.


Preparing for working life






Happy & Healthy


· PSHE – Relationships and Sex Education and Health              Education

· Employability lessons – Preparation for Adult Life

· STEM across the curriculum

· Cross curricular careers focus

· National Careers Week

· Opportunities for work placements with a range of                   different providers


Becoming active and responsible citizens






Happy & Healthy


·  Life Skills

·  Creative Mindfulness

·  Outdoor Education

·  Music / drumming






Happy & Healthy


·  Enrichment opportunities, when the normal lesson                 timetable is suspended, take place during the year.  These     days allow our young people to learn in different ways           such as off site, with external providers and a range of           students.   These days cover subjects such as Staying Safe,     British Values and Study Skills.

KS3 Programmes of Study:

All of the programmes of study for KS3 can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Each one will open as a separate PDF document for viewing:

KS3 English Programme of Study

KS3 Maths Programme of Study

KS3 PSHE Programme of Study

KS3 Wider World Programme of Study

KS3 Science Yr1 Programme of Study

KS3 Science Yr 2 Programme of Study

KS3 Science Yr3 Programme of Study

KS3 ICT Programme of Study



KS3/KS4 Websites

Flashcard apps and Quizlet

Save paper and the pain of trying to decipher your handwriting with a flashcard app. Look for a version like Flashcards+ (iOS), which lets you create your own cards or import existing sets through Quizlet, a brilliant community site for students to share study notes.

BBC Bitesize

This breaks down subjects into handy smaller chunks (there’s a clue in the name here..) and lets you revise topics, watch video summaries, complete activities and test yourself as you go. The site covers subjects from Key Stage One to GCSE. 

Revision planning apps

A big part of revision is getting organised and keeping track of your study. The Revision Ace app lets you make a revision plan, record your time spent on each subject and track your progress as you go. Alternatively, you can create a colourful PDF timetable with the help of getrevising.co.uk, which will even suggest a schedule for you to follow.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit learning tool that aims to provide a world-class education to anyone with Internet access. The site includes video tutorials and tests in Maths, Science, Economics, Computer Programming and History. The site keeps track of your progress and gives you awards for achievement. This is a great tool for getting to grips with the basics or taking on advanced study for extra credit.

Spark Notes

Explore English Literature texts, watch video summaries and study a host of other subjects with popular study notes site Spark Notes. Try out No Fear Shakespeare, which puts the original text side by side with a modern translation to help you pick up the story and translate new words as you go.


Revise GCSE and A-level subjects, test yourself, make a revision timetable for free and download apps from this comprehensive revision website.

BBC Brain Smart

Need a quick study break? Why not stay productive and wake up your brain by playing a game from BBC Brain Smart. There are fun games to help you boost your memory, remember chains of numbers, get motivated and manage stress.

Other Online Resources Available 

For more  Key Stage 3 online resources click here 



Curriculum Case Studies

Please click on any of the links below to read our curriculum linked case studies;


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