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Welcome to the information page for Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

The aim of this page is to ensure that all learners, parents and carers have access to accurate and up to date information regarding the RSHE curriculum taught in school, resources and support services available to you and where to go for additional advice and guidance.

At the Link School we have two staff who are RSHE Leads who can be contacted at the two main school sites for discussions around curriculum access, teaching support or issues that may arise around RSHE.

Gina Nesbitt (Springwell Dene Site)









Clare Curry (Pallion Site)

Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Charter Mark 

The Sunderland Relationship, Sex and Health Education Charter Mark has been developed by a local multi-agency group of public health practitioners, health professionals and education professionals.

The Charter has been developed to support and enhances school’s delivery of Relationship Education and Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education in line with the national statutory guidance. It other elements of health not included in other citywide health charters such as risk-taking behaviour (e.g. drug and alcohol misuse). In addition, the charter recognises the dedication of schools within the city in contributing towards the health and wellbeing of their pupils, staff and local communities.

We are delighted to have been successful in securing this award and will continue to endeavor to improve our practice and delivery of RSHE.


The RSHE curriculum is taught throughout the school mainly in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons. Please visit the curriculum and key stages pages for more information about the topics covered in each age group throughout the school.

Learners will also have access to one-off class sessions during the school year that will be lead by our school nursing team and will cover topics such as drug and alcohol issues, puberty, sexual health and relationships. We also have visitors from outside organisations such as Brooke Sexual Health, NSPCC and Dave Burn Consulting who will deliver targeted sessions to class groups depending on topics required. These cover areas such as relationships and friendships, drug and alcohol misuse and support and sexual health. All sessions are age appropriate and the content planned with staff in advance.

Parents and carers have the option to have their child sit out of sessions relation to relationship and sex education lessons only. All other topics covered in PSHE are considered to be statutory. If you wish your child to be be placed elsewhere for individual lessons relating to sex education then please inform either the RSHE leads or relevant Head of School for the site your child attends. Further information about this can be found in our PSHE/RSHE policies in that section of the website.

PSHEE and RSE Policy 2022


KS1 and 2 Personal Development Planning


Link To KS3 PSHE Programme of study


Link To KS4 PSHE Programme of Study 2022

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Reduction

As you may be aware, over the last year there has been a strong focus on reducing sexual harassment and sexual violence in the media. As a school, we take all instance of sexual harassment and sexual violence very seriously and have a procedure in place for both recognising and dealing with any instances of this. We have a zero tolerance approach and will always support individuals should they need to report any instances of sexual harassment or sexual violence.

Learners are sensitively taught these terms and their meaning in age appropriate lessons and discussions take place to encourage our young people to discuss their concerns in this area. We offer a range of support services to young people should they need to discuss some of these sensitive subjects.

Below you can view the flow chart that we have designed to assess the nature of a reported incident and how it will de dealt with. For any further information regarding this, or if you need to report an incident please contact the RSHE Leads or Heads of School.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Protocol Flowchart

Support and Advice

Should you or your child require any additional support with any issues relating to RSHE please contact the Leads at both sites. Additional advice and support can also be found at the following sites:


There is additional information, guidance and support available in the parent/carer area of this website. Please use the link below to gain access:


Case Studies

Please click on the links below to read our most recent Primary and Secondary RSHE/Personal Development Case Studies:

Primary RSHE Case Study 2022 2023

Secondary RSHE Case Study 2022 2023



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