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British Science Week 2018

May 22, 2018

British Science Week 2018

Learners form KS2, KS3 and KS4 all took part in the Citizen Science Project: The Plastic Tide for British Science Week 2018.

Ocean waste is having a huge impact on wildlife, as many of our precious sea creatures are ingesting and getting trapped in plastics, this is harming them and the food chain – which even includes us!

Learners from both the Pallion and Tudor Grove site worked hard to collect plastic waste on school sites and from local beaches in Sunderland. Beaches the learners carried out their Plastic Tide Project on were Seaham, South Shields, Roker, Seaburn and Hendon. The previous week learners had been studying about the effects plastics are having in our oceans and how this plastic is being filtered up the food chain and eventually ending up in our own bodies.

The learners from The Link School managed to fill nine black liners filled with plastics such as bottle tops, pop bottles, wrappers, rope, straws and many other types of various sized broken plastics were collected by the learners. Learners and teaching staff took the plastics to be recycled and from this learners have requested for school to offer more recycling options for their rubbish.

How can you get involved at home?

We want thousands of people to help combat the menace of litter in our oceans. We understand that many of you can’t access the beach to help clean up, but you can do something from your living room, office or classroom. Just 15 minutes per day spent tagging plastics and litter you see in the images online would make a huge difference. To get started, go to:

Hope you all enjoy it as much as we have!


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