Outreach sessions involve short activities which help to promote attention and listening skills: self-confidence; self-esteem; adhering to rules/boundaries; following requests; help to understand and cope with feelings and emotions, in different situation
An individually tailored programme is offered which includes short activities, games, stories and songs. Sessions are usually over a 6-10 week period).  Some of the topics covered are:

  • Rules and boundaries
  • Myself and my family
  • I am Special
  • Friendships
  • Feelings / emotions
  • Problem solving
  • Empathy
  • Outdoor Play
  • Lego Therapy
  • Yoga
  • Relax Kids

Behaviour management strategies are interwoven throughout the sessions and staff are invited to observe these in practice. Weekly feedback is given to school staff along with recommendations of strategies which are proving successful in the sessions.
In addition we also deliver

  • The Listening Programme based on ‘Learning to Listen’ which was developed by Worcester PCT Speech and Language Therapy Department .The programme concentrates on improving listening skills by engaging the children in short enjoyable activities, with an emphasis on the 4 areas required to be a good listener:  looking at the person who is talking; staying quiet; sitting still and listening to all of the words.
  • Singing Hands which includes Makaton Sign Language to support communication through song and fun creative activities.
  • FUN Friends is the latest Programme developed by Dr Paula Barrett – FUN Friends is based on FRIENDS for Life, the only Programme of its kind to be endorsed by the World Health Organisation as an effective programme for the prevention and treatment of anxiety and depression in children and youths. FUN Friends teaches 4 to 7 year olds emotional resilience that will stay with them for life. It teaches practical strategies for coping with stress, worry, fear and sadness.
  • Chit Chat is a programme developed by our Team to promote Language and Communication as well as Social Skills with a series of short games.  It is aimed primarily at Foundation Stage Children.
  • Drawing and Talking is a method of working with children to help with underlying emotional difficulties that may be affecting their learning and behaviour.  The core of the method is encouraging the child, on a one to one basis, to draw regularly and at the same time each week. The child is then asked some non-intrusive questions about their drawings. The aim is that over time, a symbolic resolution is found to old conflicts, old trauma is healed and the child becomes more able to control their behaviour and better able to access the curriculum. Drawing and Talking with a Group is a more directed approach and supports investigation around feelings and emotions.
  • Marvin’s Marvellous Moods is an anger management programme written by our Team. It supports children to recognise when they are feeling angry by looking at the triggers, how it feels to be angry and how to recognise these changes in the body. The children are able to try out a number of different strategies to help them self regulate this is done using fun activities with the help of the character Marvin.

Outreach support is available to schools who access the KS1 Behaviour Team Service Level Agreements to schools. Please click
here to view a copy of the SLA.

Comments from schools that have accessed Outreach support.

A loved the sessions – they particularly benefitted her in raising confidence and self esteem. (SENDC0)

The Intervention has had a positive impact, especially for developing staff skills and a greater understanding of supporting children with specific needs. (SENDC0)

Excellent service given. (Teacher)

The children enjoyed the sessions and got a lot out of it. They responded well. The advice on ways forward for myself and A’s Mum was very helpful. (Teacher)

FAB!! (Teacher)

Harriet has been a great support. She has offered ideas to help F and has worked with a small group. Thank you Harriet! (Teacher)

Good ideas suggested to help T deal with his anger. (Teacher)

The strategies and advice given are having a positive impact on the behaviour of both R and T. All of the children who participated built a good relationship with Kathryn and enjoyed each session. (Teacher)

I have seen an improvement in the way the child is able to explain what is wrong and strategies have helped with transitions around school. (Teacher)



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