KS2 Mindfulness

Hello everyone, welcome back after your Summer break.

Creative mindfulness is now a huge part of The Link School community with our values being apparent throughout. Working in partnership with our families provides a holistic approach and this is the reason why we will be sharing this wonderful practice with you via the school website.

Connection is a huge part of mindfulness and this half term we are focusing on being connected to our breath.

(Sounds silly right?)


Breathing is a natural process which we hardly think about or notice, however the simple act of inhaling and exhaling can have a great impact on our mood and thoughts. Deep breathing has long been used as a relaxation technique and it is helpful for both children and adults.


Breathing exercises can help by

Relaxing the body

Refocusing the mind

Reducing stress and anxiety

Lowering heart rate

Increasing the body’s oxygen levels, which can have calming effects.



Key stage 1 and 2 now have mindful stations situated around their learning environments. These stations can help the students take control of how their bodies feel during times of emotional outburst.

Breathing exercises are on offer for the student to explore either using fun exercises or essential oil breathing.

Fun breathing exercises like the ones shared, which have been created by @thecontendedchild who can be found on Facebook and Instagram, can encourage the child to take deep breaths which can help them throughout the day when feeling overwhelmed, anxious, in need of rest or even to calm bodies down after exercise.

If you would like to have these breathing resources to access at your home, please get in touch with your class teacher.


Keep a look out for more information on how mindfulness is helping us here at The Link School.


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