In 2018, Together for Children commissioned Sarah Martin-Denham at the University of Sunderland to investigate the factors that impact upon social and emotional well-being of children and young people from 3-16 years, which may lead to exclusion from school. 174 participants took part in the research, including: 55 children previously excluded from school, 41 of their caregivers and 78 education and health professionals. Sarah has 12 publications that give an insight into this complex world.

#SeeMe #pullupachair was led by Sarah with funding from the UKRI Policy Support Fund 2021/2022 and the UoS, Interdisciplinary Research Network: Adverse Childhood Experiences. This project engaged 130 children aged 5-16 years in a creative arts project with four local artists. Of these, 68 shared their views on school exclusion. A further 28 children aged 5-16 years, previously excluded from school, took part in a creative arts project, funded by the UoS interdisciplinary research network: Adverse Childhood Experiences 2021/2022, contributing to this resource.

The first part of the project allowed some of our KS4 learners attend the University of Sunderland to create the first of 9 videos #SeeMe


#SeeMe Phase 1 – Click Here to View Video


The Link School had an amazing time getting involved with this project, working alongside Artists like Frank Style to find a unique way to share their voice.



#SeeMe Exhibition

We were so proud that the artworks of the 110 children and young people previously excluded from school was shown in an exhibition which is now installed at the National Glass Centre Sunderland. Our children and young people worked so hard, and their works are exceptional. It took a team of people to make this project happen (and funding from UKRI policy support fund and the University).




#Pullupachair Conference

Our children and young people were involved in producing 8 videos which were used as part of a unique conference with children & young people at the heart of discussions along with their agenda and their voices.


Conference Feedback – Click Here to View Video 




Eight #pullupachairparents from two alternative provision schools took part in #pullupachair. Over ten days and through creative arts approaches the parents reflected on and explored their experiences of supporting their child up to and following school exclusion. Eight films were co-created, scripted and performed by them with support and guidance from Sarah and Ruth a Theatre Director. We hope that the films will be used to support thinking at a local and national level to change the school system at the roots. Click on the link below for more information.

#pullupachair Parents – Sunderland University


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