Anti-bullying Policy and Procedures


‘Providing safe and happy places to learn is essential to achieving school improvement, raising achievement and attendance, promoting equality and diversity, and ensuring the safety and well-being of all members of the school community’. DfES, 2007

The Management Committee and Head Teacher of the Link School are committed to safeguarding the welfare of students and vulnerable adults. Policies and practices will be robust and contain the necessary measures to enable all staff to fulfil their roles and responsibilities with full regard to this commitment.

The school has a designated Anti-Bullying Coordinator who leads an Anti-Bullying Team. The team includes a cross section of school staff and they have been involved in the development and review of the policy. In March 2016 the school was awarded the Sunderland Young Peoples platinum anti-bullying charter mark. School are to re-apply for this award in June 2018

The policies and procedures contained in this document apply to everyone who is in contact with students who come to the Link School.  We each have a role to play in ensuring that the students in our care feel safe.  We all share the responsibility to protect our students and that includes taking the right steps to ensure that their safety is maintained.  It is our statutory obligation to follow procedures and these procedures are set down in this document.

(Please also refer to the Peer on Peer Abuse guidance on the whole school Child Protection Policy). 

You can read our full Anti-bullying Policy and Procedures by downloading the PDF below:

  Anti-bullying Policy and Procedures – PDF


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