Attendance Policy

The Link School Approaches to Attendance



The Link School Attendance Policy aims to provide clear direction to staff and others about expected codes of behaviour in dealing with attendance.

This policy has been developed in accordance with the principles established by the school attendance guidance from the Department for Education (DfE), and refers to the DfE’s statutory guidance on school attendance parental responsibility measures. These documents are drawn from the following legislation setting out the legal powers and duties that govern school attendance:

This policy also refers to the DfE’s guidance on the school census, which explains the persistent absence threshold.

The policy aims to make explicit the School’s commitment to the development of good practice and sound procedures. The purpose of the policy is, therefore, to ensure that attendance concerns and referrals are handled sensitively, professionally and in ways that support the needs of the student’s wellbeing.  This policy should be read in conjunction with the Whole School Behaviour Policy and the Child Protection Policy.

Covid – 19

Whilst Covid-19 restrictions and guidance are in force, this policy should be read in conjunction with the Covid-19 attendance addendum (if a local/regional or national lock down) if enforced. The Link School will also refer to its outbreak management plan if there is an outbreak within school).


Our aims;

To work with each learner as an individual and improve their attendance by removing barriers to learning.

  • On induction discussing individual plans which will improve attendance.
  • Taxi provision where the learner meets the LA criteria.
  • Monitor attendance on a weekly basis and put interventions in place if patterns are beginning to emerge.


To make the improvement of individual attendance a priority for all learners, parents/carers, staff and other stakeholders. 

  • By placing the improvement of attendance on the school development plan.
  • By making sure that parents/carers are aware of the link between good attendance and good achievement.
  • By placing attendance information around the school.
  • By discussing attendance at relevant meetings including SLT and whole staff meetings.


To develop a systematic approach to gathering and analysing attendance related data.

  • Data from SIMs/Sleuth and contact from parents/carers will be examined weekly to ensure that learners at risk of becoming persistent non-attenders are quickly identified.
  • Members of the SLT will analyse data on a half termly basis and this will inform the SEF and lead to actions on the school development plan.


To further develop positive and consistent communication between home and school

  • Promote a positive working relationship right from induction.
  • Involve parents/carers in decisions.
  • Identify potential issues as early as possible, work in partnership with parents/carers to solve them.
  • All staff to understand that many parents/carers are doing their best, often under difficult circumstances however, good attendance is non-negotiable.
  • Parents to receive termly reports which include a printout of attendance.


To promote effective partnerships with the LA Attendance Team and other services and agencies to effective remove barriers to learning and promote good attendance.

  • Designated key staff to act as liaison with individual agencies.
  • The school will carry out a staged intervention before referring to the Local Authority.
  • The school will gather and record relevant information to enable local authority intervention to be effective and meaningful
  • Encourage active involvement of other services and agencies in the life of the school


To recognise the needs of the individual learner when planning reintegration following significant periods of absence or an ingrained habit of low attendance at school.

  • Be sensitive and show understanding of the circumstances of individual learners.
  • Work in partnership with parents/carers involving them in decisions.
  • Set up regular meetings either at the school, home or via telephone to evaluate the learner reintegration plan
  • Ensure that learner is placed in the best class to ensure success.
  • Consider use of designated member of staff e.g. Lead Behaviour Officer or Attendance Support Officer to ensure success.
  • Celebrate improvements and build confidence and self-esteem of the learner.

You can read our full Attendance Policy by downloading the PDF below.

  Attendance Policy – PDF


  Addendum to Attendance Policy due to Covid-19 restrictions January 2021- PDF




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