Careers Policy

General Statement

The Link School provides education and support as an alternative provision to ensure that every learner reaches their full potential. We work with learners who are particularly vulnerable to becoming NEET. The Link School recognises that it has a statutory duty to secure independent careers guidance for all Year 8 to 11 students as outlined in (The Education Act 2011 / Career guidance and access for education and training providers January 2018). Our aim is that all students acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to manage their learning and career progression. We will support students in making informed decisions by providing access to differentiated, impartial and independent information and guidance about the range of post 16 pathway’s available to them.


The Link School was part of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Benchmark pilot which sets out to develop and improve careers provision. The school is committed to ensuring that the CEIAG advice students receives is:

  • Includes information on a range of education or training options, including apprenticeship and other vocational pathways
  • Impartial
  • In the best interests of the students
  • Meets the needs of the students

We are committed to ensure that the school continues to meet the requirements outlined in the Gatsby Benchmarks.

These benchmarks are:

Benchmark 1: A Stable Careers Programme
Benchmark 2: Learning from Career and Labour Market Information
Benchmark 3: Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil
Benchmark 4: Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers
Benchmark 5: Encounters with Employers and Employees
Benchmark 6: Experiences of Workplaces
Benchmark 7: Encounters with Further and Higher Education
Benchmark 8: Personal Guidance

In December 2018 the School was awarded with Investor in Careers Quality Standard Award. We are committed to continue to work towards the recommendations by Investor in Careers to continue to strengthen our CEIAG programme. 

Feedback from IiC assessor 

“Student progress is monitored very well and each student follows a bespoke programme to meet their needs, and help them fulfil their aspirations for the future. The school has developed excellent contacts with other providers which enables them to offer a wide array of opportunities to students. 

The commitment to the careers programme was evident throughout the assessment and the school is to be commended for the amount of time resources and staffing given to ensure the best possible post 16 outcomes for student” 

You can read our Careers Policy by downloading the PDF below.

  Careers Policy.PDF


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