Drugs Policy

Aims of this drugs policy:

  • To clarify the legal requirements and responsibilities of the school
  • To reinforce and safeguard the health and safety of students and the whole school community
  • To clarify the school’s approach to drugs for all staff, students, governors, parents/carers, external agencies and the wider community
  • To clarify the procedures for responding to and managing any drug-related incidents that may occur so that they are managed with confidence and consistency and in the best interests of those involved
  • To ensure that the response to incidents involving drugs and the drug education programme compliment the values and ethos of the school
  • To provide a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of the school drug education programme and the management of incidents involving illegal and other unauthorised drugs
  • To reinforce the role of the school in contributing to local and national strategies. As part of their statutory duty to promote students’ well-being, schools have a clear role to play in preventing drug misuse

Other related policies and documents include:

  • Ethos of the school
  • PSHEE and Citizenship Policy
  • Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy
  • Health and Safety policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • School Visits
  • School Behaviour Policy

Policy Scope

This policy applies to all school staff , students, parents/carers, governors and other partner agencies working with the school. The policy applies to the school premises, the school day, while travelling to and from school, journeys in school time, work experience, day and residential trips and when the school is deemed to be in loco parentis.

You can read our full Drugs Policy by downloading the PDF below.

  Drugs Policy – PDF



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