Peer on Peer Abuse Policy


Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 states that

Governing bodies and proprietors should ensure that their child protection policy includes procedures to minimise the risk of peer on peer abuse’. The document also states it is most important to ensure opportunities of seeking the voice of the child are heard, ‘Governing bodies, proprietors and school or college leaders should ensure the child’s wishes and feelings are taken into account when determining what action to take and what services to provide. Systems should be in place for children to express their views and give feedback. Ultimately, all systems and processes should operate with the best interests of the child at their heart.’

Our staff have an awareness of safeguarding issues that can put children at risk of harm. Behaviours linked to issues such as drug taking, alcohol abuse, deliberately missing education and sexting (also known as youth produced sexual imagery) put children in danger. 

Our staff are aware that safeguarding issues can manifest themselves via peer on peer abuse. This is most likely to include, but may not be limited to: 

  • bullying (including cyberbullying); 
  • physical abuse such as hitting, kicking, shaking, biting, hair pulling, or otherwise 
  • causing physical harm; 
  • sexual violence and sexual harassment; 
  • sexting (also known as youth produced sexual imagery) 
  • • initiation/hazing type violence and rituals. 
  • Up skirting – colloquial term referring to the action of placing equipment such as a camera or mobile phone beneath a person’s clothing to take a voyeuristic photograph without their permission. 

(KCSIE 2019) 

At The Link School we are committed to the prevention, early identification and appropriate management of peer on peer abuse. We continue to ensure that any form of abuse or harmful behaviour is dealt with immediately and consistently to reduce the extent of harm to the young person, with full consideration to impact on that individual child’s emotional and mental health and well-being. 

Our policy includes a clear and comprehensive strategy taking a contextual whole-school approach to preventing and responding to peer on peer abuse, which includes a clear understanding to staff, children and young people and their parents about everyone’s responsibility in managing any peer on peer abuse incidents. This will include both our prevention measures as well as our response to any incidents of harm. 

You can read our full Peer on Peer Abuse Policy by downloading the PDF below.

  Peer on Peer Abuse Policy  – PDF


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