Key Stage 2 Remote Learning Timetable

Start of the day – what I need to know and do

  • School starts at 9:30, starting with tray time tasks such as tables, reading and spellings
  • You will follow our usual timetable (see next page) with maths and English each morning and our usual lessons on an afternoon. Remember to stick to normal breaks each morning and at lunch times, do not give yourself longer.
  • When your bubble burst you will have been provided with 2 weeks worth of work, you are expected to complete maths and English tasks each morning and science on a Monday afternoon, this can be a mix of work packs, Century learning, Top marks, tables Rockstars and other online learning platforms.
  • On a Wednesday afternoon you would usually have PE, so do something active, this might be a Jump Start Johnny or other YouTube workout, or you might play in the garden, as long as you are moving and being active it is your choice what you do.
  • Tuesday afternoon can be your cookery afternoon, feel free to cook anything you like, take photos and email them to your teacher
  • Thursday will be your ICT afternoon, you might create a powepoint or something else of your choice using your ICT skills (playstations and Xboxes do not count as ICT remember)
  • Friday morning is usually your mindfulness morning, find a guided meditation on our school website or on youtube, have a relaxing hour doing something that you enjoy.
  • You will be set a research project for the rest of your Friday work time, and then on the afternoon you can still have choice time, reward yourself with an activity of your choice, take some photos of yourself doing choice time and any other tasks, send them to your teacher, we will create a ‘Home Learning’ display in school to share everything you have achieved whilst our bubble was at home.
  • Year 4, 5 and 6 children, you have you Century learning logins, I will expect you to log in and complete some tasks of your choice, over the 2 weeks I will expect you to complete some maths, some English and some science, remember I can see what you have (and haven’t!) done from my account.
  • Remember to keep up to date with your tables knowledge by logging into Tables Rockstars at least twice a week.
  • You can also practise your math’s and English skills on Top Marks.
  • Read a little bit of your book each day, if you have a word pot make sure you practise your words each day, reading them and spelling them, remember
  • Your Teacher/Teaching Assistant will be in touch with you each day to make sure you know what you should be doing each day, make sure you ask them any questions you have! You can also email your class teacher to send them work or to ask them any questions you have.


Where can you get more information?

The Link School Webpage – We would encourage you to access The Link School webpage. We have an Online Learning tab on the main page which you can navigate around to view the online learning platforms and more information on these. Here you can also view the schools online learning policy.


Any updates to the school will be found in the News & Events tab –


Key Stage individual learning – On the curriculum tab on the school website we have identified learning platforms that will help you with extra learning when not in school. To access this, click on KS4 in the link in the curriculum tab. Here you will find a list of resources and website and also see your programme of study for each subject.

Key Stage 2 Remote Learning Timetable.doc – Click Here 


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