Key Stage 3 Remote Learning Timetable

Start of the day – what I need to know and do

  • School starts at 9am each morning and you follow your timetable as normal although all lessons will be online with your teachers. Please see the timetable below.
  • Make sure those alarms are set and you are up and ready to go. Teachers will be logged into teams at the time you would normally begin each lesson.
  • You will log in through a unique school email address that will be personal to you, this will be given to you if the bubble you are in is affected. If you have a school laptop then Microsoft Teams has already been added to your desktop and start up menu on the laptop you have been provided with by the school. If you are accessing on your own device there will be help to show you how to log on.
  • Once you log into the Microsoft Teams session with your class teacher and other members of your class your lesson will be delivered as normal. You will be expected to complete all work set. This will be in books provided by the school or saved and sent via email to the teacher when completed. (Registration will be taken by the class teacher when you sign in and passed onto the attendance officer). Failure to attend will result in the normal attendance procedures being followed unless a suitable reason is given by parent/guardian/carer.
  • Your Teacher/Teaching Assistant will provide you with any information you will need for the rest of the day/week as well as give you any updates on isolations periods.

Completing my work and lessons, written tasks/ independent learning.

These will continue to be uploaded on a daily/weekly basis. Instructions will be given via you class teacher. They will direct you to the correct platform to use for that subject Teams/Century. You should attempt to complete all tasks set by the subject/teacher. We advise you follow your normal timetable and complete work for this subject.


At your normal lesson time your class teacher will be online to answer questions at that time if you are stuck. Please send them via class charts messenger or email.

We understand there is a lot of work on Century Learning, as it is to mirror schoolwork on a normal day. Please do not worry if it appears a little overwhelming. We are here to help.


Therefore, Century Learning will run alongside Microsoft Teams lessons and will be used for pupils to complete independent learning tasks. We will do a form class century learning session each afternoon Monday to Thursday with an initial Teams meeting so you know which parts of century to access. You can do additional Century Learning if you like.


What if we go off half-way through the week?

To ensure work is available all work is set daily/weekly by your class teachers. This means if a learner goes off through the week they will not be expected to complete all the work set for that week, they will simply pick up the work from where they left off in class. Century Learning will allow for specific topic areas to be caught up as well as specific tasks/assignments which have been set by the teacher.


Where can you get more information?

The Link School Webpage – We would encourage you to access The Link School webpage. We have an Online Learning tab on the main page which you can navigate around to view the online learning platforms and more information on these. Here you can also view the schools online learning policy.


Any updates to the school will be found in the News & Events tab –


Key Stage individual learning – On the curriculum tab on the school website we have identified learning platforms that will help you with extra learning when not in school. To access this, click on KS3/4 in the link in the curriculum tab. Here you will find a list of resources and website and also see your programme of study for each subject.


Your Timetable

To View or Print the Key Stage 3 Remote Timetable.doc – click here 


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