Behaviour Support Service

Glenn Robson – Director of Outreach Service                               

Lisa Watson – Behaviour Support Advisor

 Abbey Lancaster – Behaviour Support Officer

Michael Naisbett – Behaviour Support Officer

Andrea Howey – Specialist Behaviour Support Teacher Primary 



Behaviour Support Service

The Behaviour Support Service works with schools and academies to improve behaviour and to secure engagement of children and young people. We strive to achieve positive outcomes for all learners and their families and will support the schools and academies to further develop a culture of effective behaviour management and work with learners from Nursery through to Key Stage 4.

Our established model of integrative practices allows us to work in partnership with and support referrals to a wide range of external agencies within Early Help and medical/mental health services. We work with learners and their support network to achieve real change in young people’s lives.

The Behaviour Support Service provides support, advice, outreach, and specialist training such as Team Teach within schools to support effective behaviour management and reflective practice, with the overall aim of reducing levels of disruptive behaviour, improving learning and enhancing progress.

The Behaviour Support Service operates a Service Level Agreement with a range of mainstream partners. The service provided is generally broken down into two areas; consultancy or direct work.

Consultancy could include:

  • Assessing a child’s support needs, which may develop into a behaviour support plan
  • Observations of pupils leading to advice and strategies to support them
  • Providing written advice where appropriate in relation to statutory requests linked to Education Health Care Plans
  • Advice on behaviour related issues such as policies, positive handling, etc
  • Attendance at meetings regarding the individual child or young person during the period of intervention, eg multi-agency meetings, Link School reviews and additional meetings with parents
  • Brokering support to pupils, parents and carers where the family is not ready to access full Early Help support, but may do so through our

Direct Work:

  • Up to 12 weeks of support from initial visit. This will usually take the form of an initial assessment, BSS Support Plan, up to 9 direct sessions leading to a range of strategies to take forward within the school following the intervention including closure report.
  • Group work centred around the individual referral and up to three other pupils, as positive role models, for a period of six weeks

Access to the service is via email or telephone contact- followed by the appropriate referral pathway,

0191 561 4780 or 07920254541 

or email 

Director of Behaviour 


Link School Springwell Dene
Swindon Road, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear  SR3 4EE

Tel: 0191 561 5777

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Mon-Thurs: 8am – 4:30pm

Friday: 8am – 4pm

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